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A precious gift of art for children at their birth.

Hamuoo, “original hand-made solid-wood children’s furniture” , is set to explore children’s life aesthetics. It encourages the cultivation of children’s aesthetics and the exploration of their nature. It also develops the aesthetic dimension of children’s furniture.

Furniture plus play animals appeal to children at first sight.

Hamuoo is inspired by an insight into children’s nature and creativity, with a design concept of “refinement & simplicity”. It introduces into its design the quality of “fun and love” of toy-making and sets “close companionship” as a unique theme. Hamuoo has filed patents for all its designs.

Presenting the artworks as products.

Hamuoo, adhering to the principle of “original design, precious material, comfort and safety, and a high degree of environmental friendliness”, seeks the balance and unity between design details and comfort, so as to turn every well-polished work into a symbol of “childhood fun and love” at home.


Wood is furniture’s soul, and our children should be given the best.

Hamuoo is mainly made of precious wood including North American black walnut, American hard maple, and American red cherry, all authorized by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) production and marketing supervision chain management system.

North American black walnut

North American black walnut, as top class walnut, is a first choice for luxury car decoration like Bentley. Boasting of beautiful and elegant moku, it is regarded as a nobility among hardwood. Taking 50 to 100 years to grow into useful timber, it is hard to crack and characterized with great durability.

American hard maple

Thanks to its dense wood, moderate hardness, intersecting texture, beautiful pattern, American hard maple is a first choice for high-grade instrument.

American red cherry

Natural texture, dark red, the wood show its excellent quality in simplicity.

Ingenious match of wood displays the intellectual and affective quality of the Chinese people.

Absorbing the wisdom of Chinese traditional wood art, Hamuoo adopts mortise-tenon joint, a perfect match of wood, showing profound Chinese family unity that which can bind the families for generations.

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